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Member of the Russian Tennis Federation board claims they negotiate with Novak Djokovic to play at the tennis tournament in Moscow

According to RIA Novosti, Russian news agency, World No. 1 is among the desirable participants at the tennis tournament they intend to hоld this summer.
Member of the Russian Tennis Federation board claims they negotiate with Novak Djokovic to play at the tennis tournament in Moscow

Vladimir Kamelzon, one of the members of the Russian Tennis Federation and Moscow Tennis Federation boards, was quoted by multiple Russian sources recently. He declared intention of the tennis governing bodies in the Russian Federation to organize a tennis tournament in Moscow with a chance to have Novak Djokovic among its players.

«The RTF and MTF work on the developing programs of our sport for nearest future. In particular, we are currently working on the Moscow Open Championship. Perhaps we'll call it the Mayor's Cup, we haven't decided yet. We will invite players from Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries. We are negotiating with Novak Djokovic», Kamelzon said.
"No, we don’t want to invite him as an honored guest, but as a player», Kamelzon stressed.
«Tournament dates are currently being negotiated. There will definitely be a tournament, it will be held in the summer, and we will try to choose the dates so they are as convenient as possible for everyone», Kamelzon said. --- RIA NOVOSTI.

«Djokovic has his own calendar, his own schedule. He will play at Roland Garros, that’s why it's a big problem to reach an agreement with Djokovic. But we are forced to do so, because of the attacks on Russian sports, to make a calendar under which we will continue to work, we hope that our tournaments in Russia will be held», Kamelzon said.

«Of course, we want to see Djokovic at tournaments in Russia. If we manage to come to an agreement with him, perhaps we will see him here». ---- TASS

«On a political theater, Djokovic has shown himself at his best. I've always felt good about Novak, but now I just bow down to him. He does not allow politics to mix with sport - this is his truth. He says right things. Djokovic says the same thing as us, but no one is listening to us anymore. I have great respect for Novak», Kamelzon said. --- CHAMPIONAT

UPDATE: But later as this news became widespread, "Match TV", Russian sports channel, quoted Vladimir Kamelzon once again, who now claimed the news regarding Djokovic were just rumors. But they really intend to hold Moscow Open.

"We are really going to organize the Moscow Open Championship. But the fact that Djokovic will play there is out of the question, because [we are talking here] about the small amount of prize money and so on. It is not clear where this came from. These are all rumors. But if Djokovic wants to play in Moscow, then the road is clear”.

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