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Emma Raducanu: «I was really struggling to move out wide, but credit to Kalinina, she gave me nothing either»

Following her 2-6, 6-2, 4-6 loss to Anhelina Kalinina in Madrid Emma Raducanu talked about stiff back and problems with movement
Emma Raducanu: «I was really struggling to move out wide, but credit to Kalinina, she gave me nothing either»

«I thought it was a good-level match, to be honest. I think that Anhelina played a really good level, especially in the first set, - said Raducanu after the match. - She gave nothing away. She was neutralizing all of my first serves really deep, and I found it quite difficult to do and build on that compared to some other matches. Yeah, great credit to her. She played a good match.

The whole week I have kind of been having some problems with my body and small niggles that I have been managing. Like the day before my last-round match I didn't practice, because I was just trying to manage my body and I was having some pains. I did go into the match with that, and I was really struggling to move out wide, to be honest. I would have given myself a 5% chance of winning that match, and for it to almost happen, I think that was a positive thing. I felt like when I was out wide today, whereas other days sometimes I might stay in the point cross. I felt like today I just had to go for it line and hope for the best, because I wasn't really in a position to be running and, staying in the point. I think that definitely affected the running, but I'd say, I mean, credit to her, she gave me nothing either. From the second game I was really struggling to move wide. That was when I would probably say that. But then after, at the timeout, I don't know what magic they worked, but like I had a numb back for the second and third set so I couldn't feel anything. I managed to fight my way back in and obviously give myself a chance in the third set. I probably had like two chances, 4-3 and on my serve, but, yeah, small margins».

The Brit is optimistic she will have enough time to recover and be ready to play in Rome.

«I'm not sure when I start. Maybe like Monday, Tuesday, I mean, I hope it's enough time, because it would be a real shame to miss it. I'm feeling pretty positive. A lot of the time with me it's just overload and then, you know, three days', two, three days' complete rest and I'm okay to start training again. Hopefully the plan right now is to still go to Rome».

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