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Elina Svitolina: “When I found out that I was playing Ana Bogdan, I had a lot of emotions at once”

In an exclusive interview, the Ukrainian No. 1 Elina Svitolina shares her thoughts on the third-round victory against Ana Bogdan (7:5, 6:2) and her upcoming match against Elena Rybakina at Roland Garros
Elina Svitolina: “When I found out that I was playing Ana Bogdan, I had a lot of emotions at once”
On a rain delay on Saturday

"I think I was very lucky that I played my first two matches under the roof, so only today I had to wait for a long time for my match. Of course, it's really tough, because you wait all day, feeling relaxed a little bit, and then you need to quickly get ready and run to warm up. So today was not a very comfortable day in this regard. One day we had to practice on the hard court because we were waiting for the rain to stop for a long time, and before it did, we decided to play under the roof on the hard court and go to rest, and the other day we practiced late, around 8 p.m. Yes, it's not easy, but I try to take the situation as it is, conditions are the same for all us, so you need to prepare and work with what you have".

On her match vs Ana Bogdan

"When I found out that I was playing Ana, I had a lot of emotions at once (laughs). However, the main emotion was that it was my time and I needed to take revenge for my loss at the BJK Cup. Today I was very motivated because I had a very sad defeat then. We had to wait for our match for a very long time, then we were moved to another court, so it was not easy, but I'm glad I was able to win the match in two sets and didn't have to run even more because the court was very wet, heavy and it was not very pleasant to play on.


What was the difference compared to playing in a team tournament? Well, I already knew how to play against her. My coach and I talked about many tactical moments and practiced them, and in today's match it all worked better. And in general, I feel better on clay now. In the previous match, we had such a green clay and it was a bit of a different story. Today I worked 100% tactically and that's why the match went better for me".

On the upcoming match against Elena Rybakina

"The last time I played Rybakina at the Olympics, it was such a dramatic match (laughs). I know her game hasn't changed, it's just become more consistent. I know how she plays, so now the main thing for me is to have a good rest, to work out tactical moments with the coach on the court to play against her the right way. When you play against an opponent who serves great and goes for her shots, you need to prepare the right strategy. So I'm going to rest, work on the court, then with the physio and get ready for the next match".

On the UEFA Champions League final

"I know the Champions League final will be played today, but I won't be watching. Now I'll get my massage done and watch the last matches at Roland Garros tonight. There will be a very interesting match between Djokovic and Musetti. And also Ruud vs Etcheverry. Right now I'm more interested in watching these matches than football. During a tournament I watch many matches, especially men's matches, but outside tournaments I don't follow tennis. So right now my priority is tennis.

In general, I don't really watch women's matches, only when I'm preparing for my next match and need to scout my opponent. We watch together with my coach and I watch them myself. Usually, that’s enough for me. Of course, sometimes I watch women’s matches too, like Swiatek vs Osaka, for example. It was very interesting to see who is in what form now.

I really like men's tennis and I watch a lot of it. It’s my luck that I have a Tennis TV subscription from Gael (laughs). I think men's tennis is a little bit different, you can learn a lot and find many interesting moments that you can also use for yourself in the future".

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