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Carlos Alcaraz: “In the match against Djokovic the key has been to be aggressive and consistent”

Carlos Alcaraz: “In the match against Djokovic the key has been to be aggressive and consistent”
Carlos Alcaraz talked to the press following his 6-7, 7-5, 7-6 win against Novak Djokovic in Madrid

“It's spectacular right now. I am very happy. I'm very excited to be able to play these kind of matches, to be able to beat Rafa yesterday, to be able to beat the No. 1 today. Tactically speaking, I think to be able to beat Rafa you need to have a really good backhand, and I think that yesterday I had a perfect match backhand-wise, playing aggressively. At the end of the day, these kind of players, if you allow them to dominate the match, you're going to be running around the court all the time. They are going to just kill you. I think that yesterday I did really well to step inside the court, to be aggressive, and especially with my backhand, because I think that Rafa attacks you a lot to your backhand with his forehand. And then with the altitude here, I think that being aggressive with the backhand is one of the keys to be able to beat Rafa.

Today I think that being consistent, being constant all the time, be aggressive too, and in the decisive moments of the match, I think that I have been very regular. I have just tried to step in for all of it. The opportunities, perhaps I have not gone 100% for all of them. In the third set I had a few more opportunities than him, but I think that the key has been to be aggressive during all the match and consistent. I knew that it had been a first set that was very tight. It was very equal. I was a break up. I knew that I was going to have my opportunities in the second set.

So I'm super happy. It gives me a lot of confidence for tomorrow's final. At the end of good victories, you also have to enjoy them. You know, not to lose the feet on the ground but you have to enjoy them. After today's match, well, of course with my team, with my family, well, we are going to have a great time to enjoy, to enjoy the moment, but I think that tomorrow I'm going to play a final of a really big tournament, and tonight I'm going to be very focused to be able to recover and to be as best as possible for tomorrow's match.

Is it the best day in my life, I don't know, actually. I'm going to answer you the same thing. Probably it's one of the best days of my career, of my life, without doubts. But I don't know what to answer really. Probably in some time or maybe tomorrow I can even tell you tomorrow it really is my best day of my life”.

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