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Leylah Fernandez: "I have no creativity for giving nicknames, so Clay-lah is actually pretty amazing"

Leylah Fernandez: "I have no creativity for giving nicknames, so Clay-lah is actually pretty amazing"
The Canadian talked to the media following her 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 victory over Amanda Anisimova at Roland Garros

On her match vs Amanda Anisimova

"Today's match was a very hard match, an incredible match for both of us. I think we brought a high level. I'm just glad that today I was able to fight through some difficult moments and just enjoy the game as much as possible and just to have another opportunity to play in Philippe Chatrier was just an amazing atmosphere and it was a great feeling for me. I think I'm improving more and more and understanding my game, which that's the most important thing. That was our goal after the US Open, that we just want to improve my tennis game, my all-around game, and just keep getting those opportunities and see where my level is at and see where I can improve for the next match".

On her new nickname – Clay-lah

"I think it's actually pretty amazing that they came up with Clay-lah, because I have no creativity for that. I wouldn't think of that nickname. But my family do use the nickname Leylannie, using my first and middle name, and they put it together, which I always like, I know that I'm doing things right or I'm like being a good kid when they're calling me Leylannie".

On the UCL final and having Thierry Henry in the stands

"I was very, very disappointed I wasn't able to watch the game live or even just on TV. I had to go to bed early. But, you know, when I like saw the news that Real Madrid won, I was just so happy, because we've been following the team for a while now, took a little hiatus, but then afterwards when we saw that they are doing things well, we were just so happy for them. Then afterwards seeing that Thierry Henry was also in the stands, enjoying the tennis match, like I said, that's one of my goals so that people can enjoy the tennis game. To see him do a standing ovation for our match is just an incredible feeling and hopefully I can reproduce that level again and we can just all enjoy our time on the tennis court".

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